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Each painting of these series represents in an abstract way a goodness from the Hinduism Religion. With this work, I seek to highlight the essence of some Hindu Deities and the importance of these deities in India's culture and religion. 


The series of paintings, Origine du monde, consists of 20 paintings and 10 drawings. It is a pictorial work inspired by the work of Gustave Courbet (L’origine du monde, 1866), the origin of life and the process of conception and how it changes a woman both physically and emotionally.


The art, begun in 2018, is inspired by my personal experience of dealing with two miscarriages within the first trimester and made me wonder about my feminine power of "Giving Life" and all that is not said about losses.Origine du Monde embraces the feminine union and encourages dialogue between women.   Evoking the communion of shared grief that has helped me to heal.

Each painting in this series of 15 paintings is unique, inspired by the 

Yoruba religion, The Orishas and African fabrics. With this work, I seek to highlight the essence of African Yoruba´s Deities, which have been and continue to be a great source of cultural and spiritual inspiration in Puerto Rican, Caribbean and African culture; in its music, its food, and the arts. 

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